How To Use Tadazi

Apply Tadazi hair fibers to dry clean hair.
  1. Hold the container like a salt shaker above your head and start sprinkling the fibers evenly over the area needing coverage.
  2. Continue to shake and sprinkle gently until you have achieved the desired coverage (do not over spill).
  3. Style your hair using a soft brush working gently. Try not to let the brush touch your scalp, this soft motion brushing helps distribute the fibers evenly across the thin hair area. 
  4. If you want to apply a hairspray, start with light spray first, wait a few seconds then check if you need more.
  5. Tadazi will help you achieve great looking natural results.

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  • If you are not sure of how much to pour or how hard to shake, practicing above a white sink will help provide an idea.